Coccole Jarvis


Costa Brava, Spain Outfit

Opportunities are abundant, “the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity”, but we have the tendency to stay locked in a role that is “good enough” than to reach for an alternative that has a higher degree of uncertainty.

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Geneva, Switzerland Shopping
Adil Bouarbi Atelier

I was so honoured to meet the designer of our fashion show a few days ago, after congratulating him for the show he immediately invited us to his amazing workshop. Where I felt like a princess trying his stunning designs and meeting him as a person.

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Lausanne, Switzerland Outfit

It is not only what you’re wearing, it is how you wear it and who you are inside. It is your lowest moment of your life, your happiest and every moment in between, put into a simple attitude.

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Covent Garden, London Outfit
What if

What if the most beautiful things in life are the ones we see every day. Those little details, that because they are part of “routine” we forget to realise that they are there.

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Montreux, Switzerland Outfit

Style = Self Expression. It’s how you express our inner being, outwardly. Your thoughts, emotions, interests and values.

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Coco Beach, Costa Rica Travels
How to Love Yourself, the kind words

Stop all criticism. Criticism never changes a thing. Accept yourself and others as they are. Everybody changes, and by criticising yourself, your changes are negative. When you approve of yourself, your changes are gentle and positive.

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