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Parthenon, Athens Travels
Greece Diary III

Some of you have let me know how much you liked the inspirational quotes in previous articles, so thought for my last and final article from Greece I could get together my ultimate 5 favourite travel quotes: 1. Travel is the only thing you can spend money on that makes you richer. 2. Though we […]

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Meteora, Greece Travels
Greece Diary II

My 5 rules for travel 1. Keep an open mind. It’s okay to plan, be organised and know a little of where you are going (that will help you know what to pack) and it’s okay too to be surprised and open minded when things don’t go as planned. 2. Spontaneity. The moments you will […]

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Micenas, Greece Travels
Greece Diary I

I got back from Greece a few days ago, and I am already missing it like crazy. As you guys know by now, I love traveling, and every time I travel, I find myself a little more. Falling in love with new places, new people and new cultures. I’m in love with getting that wanderlust […]

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Vevey, Switzerland Outfit
10 Life Lessons

1. Who you are now is not who you will be in 10 years. It is okay to be somebody new 10 minutes from now. We are always growing. If you realised 10 seconds ago that you don’t like who you are, shed your skin, retry, replant yourself in good soil. 2. Gum karma is […]

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Figueras, Gerona Travels
No master piece was ever made by a lazy artist

In my visit to Figueras, Costa Brava, I was able to go and see the night tour of the sensational museum of Salvador Dalí. Such a unique character as his had to be written on the blog. So, I’m just going to let his words fill up this article: “Intelligence without ambition is a bird […]

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Costa Brava, Spain Outfit

Opportunities are abundant, “the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity”, but we have the tendency to stay locked in a role that is “good enough” than to reach for an alternative that has a higher degree of uncertainty.

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