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Something new

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Something new

We have created as you can see some new changes on the blog, which we believe will be more interactive and pretty for all of you to see!

Please note that we are always open for constructive criticism, so let us know what you guys think about the new changes on the comment section.

Something new Something new
Something new

Never allow waiting to be a habit.
Live your dreams and take risks.
Life is happening now.

Something new Something new
Something new

It’s all about blogging!

Right now we are busy busy with some of the fashion shows going on here in Madrid plus organizing meetings with new emerging designers for you all to discover. It’s easy to think that blogging is an easy process that just consists in taking pictures and posting them, but instead it’s a huge job that requires loads of team work, much planning, strategy and of course “time”.

In my case specifically, the organization of a whole team can be tricky; all of these articles would never be possible without the help of so many talented people I work with. From the photographer that has to shoot and laugh at my silly jokes or waiting while I change my look while at the same time creating stunning visuals (like Guillermo in this article) to my right hand Aaron that does all the technology/ website work (like the super cool changes we have made to the articles), or my PR manager Paul that helps me get in contact with all the brands I get madly in love with ♥
All of the ideas put onto this blog come from good intention and hard work, not only from me but from a lot of people.

My content creation processes are quite long and vast, which I promise I will write a whole post in detail about it.

My most important points for every post are:

#1. Wake up people’s curiosity. 
#2. Have a positive/motivational message in every post.
#3. Beautiful visuals.
#4. Relevant/ important and valuable content.

But the most important is “How Do I Plan It All”, I found the greatest blog planner from the blog Designer Blogs Studio, there’s no better way to grow a blog than by strategic goal setting and regularly tracking your progress towards reaching your blogging goals. Using their blog planner is key to blog organization and blogging success. Download it here, for free!!!!!


Cigarette black trousers – Missguided

Black Blazer – Zara

Heels – Zara

Shoulder Bag – Mango

Earrings – Topshop (old, but take a look at these other designs)

Photography by Guillermo Galán