In the world of fashion it is fair to say that mixing creativity and talent always ends up with a beautiful outcome.

And a seriously beautiful outcome is the result of the great creativity and talent demonstrated by Carlos and Renato, the founders of the new brand The Stoat, who I met recently at their design studio in Madrid.

Quite amazing their design approach and their choice of materials and attention to detail. However when I asked them what was most important to them in their business they were clear in saying that they believe in going beyond the clothes and want to engage closer and serve customers better than most brands tend to do.

Truth is I was impressed, and looking under the surface I saw that The Stoat is more than design, more than customer service, more than quality. It is a brand that has two special people driving the company forward and we can all expect great things from Carlos and Renato now and in the future. Like for example the beautiful clothes you see here in the photos. Look at this beige tweet top, it is just perfect for keeping style in the current the cold weather.

“And that’s the thing about fashion, when you feel like yourself & the style is very you – The Stoat energised me, as I’m sure it will energise you.”