New year, new chances, new beginnings, new changes…
Thinking about this past year does nothing but make me smile; I travelled so much, met and worked with amazing people creating different and quality content for the blog. We have worked hard and had the best time doing so.
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for such an amazing year ♥

I would love to know what would you like or want more on the blog and social media for this new year… Casual looks, lifestyle, travel diaries, blogposts, giveaways, etc.? DO TELL!

We are so excited to give you more insights about this year; the new places, the new content and new collaborations with the most amazing brands.

We are leaving in a couple of hours to the Amazons Rainforest in Colombia, so remember to check all the snapchats to get the whole story in detail (@coccolejarvis).

Let’s make this year the CHICEST year yet!