Marrakech was such a full and hectic place; an absolute feast for the senses. So I decided to write a little more about my experience there and to give you guys some travel tips.

Dress appropriately

I have said this before but I believe it’s important to respect the culture you are in, and I love dressing up according to where I am in the world.

The Souks

These typical markets are just INCREDIBLE, extremely hectic and even the most energetic tourist would get tired. Bargaining is part of the moroccan culture, so don’t be shy about driving the price down, but do it with a smile and take pleasure in the game.
Oh! And be careful with the monkeys, some of them might pick pocket and grab your stuff.


In Morocco the currency is the Moroccan Dirham, and the best thing to do is to exchange whatever you need at the airport. ATM’s or cashpoints are quite rare and banks will charge quite a large tax amount.


They practically never have change, so to avoid over-tipping them, it’s easier to make sure you have smaller notes.


They are generally kind and often have a really good sense of humour, but like in any country in the world, it’s important to look after your things and be respectful. If you take photos of the snake charmer and his snakes, remember it’s his business and he expects to get payed.