I don’t think I have ever told you the reason why I started this blog, so here it goes.

For a long time I had the feeling that I had something to say to the world, that I could help people in many ways by giving open minded and “ecological” kind words and a different perspective to problems, communication, relationships, ourselves and the world.

With all of these things happening in the world right now, I want to go back to those values and beliefs that pushed me to write and create a blog.

  1. Respect. Put your feet in someone else’s shoes (they might not fit or be comfortable) but by understanding their perspective of life will allow us to have a better communication.
  2. Solidarity. It’s very easy to sit around, to complain and to wait for other people to change the world. Having the knowledge of what we want this world to be and let’s work towards that, together.
  3. Education. For me it all comes down to this. Most people think that we need to make a better world for our children, but the reality is we just need to make better children for our world.
  4. Love. The more you give, the more you receive.

Now with all of this in mind, let’s be gentle and let’s be kind, to ourselves and other.