AND as promised, here is the first of the articles from Marrakech.

We were only there for 5 days, and we still had time to do so many things, from quad biking and dromedary riding in the Moroccan desert to the Souk market (where every price is negotiable). Meeting lovely people along the way.

As I have already told you, every time I travel I find myself a little more and this trip has really opened my eyes with their amazing architecture, amazing food, beautiful gardens and their culture altogether with a huge colourĀ and texture explosion.

Let me tell you some travel trips if you are planing to go to Marrakech:

  1. You don’t need a Visa, just a passport.
  2. Food to try: Couscous, Tagine, Mint tea.
  3. Remove your shoes before entering a home, and never point the sole of your feet toward someone.
  4. Men & women should wear modest loose-fitting clothing that covers arms, legs & chest. Women should wear hair up or under a headscarf (always in Mosques and Medinas).
  5. Do NOT get a black henna tattoo, henna is an orange colour and to make it black (so it looks like a real tattoo) they add ingredients likeĀ para-phenylenediamine (PPD) that can cause an allergic reaction and a bad scaring. I’m afraid I got an allergic reaction to it, better we all learn from my mistake!

Marrakech is seriously A DREAM DESTINATION, remember to subscribe to the newsletter to get all the next Marrakech Diary articles directly in your inbox. So excited to show you all the amazing photos.