So happy to finally show you a little more in detail the Coccole Beauty category showing you guys my favourite make-up daily products.
I am for sure a fan of natural looks, with a mix between nudes and golds.

This shooting allowed me to be creative in a different way, been able to mix some of my products and making sure I was happy with every shot. I feel so blessed to have the blog be my personal space to share my thoughts and opinions about things that I find important.
Make-up I find it to be quite a cool tool, women have so many different layers and styles (honestly, we can dress everyday like a completely different person if we want to) and being able to project that style with make-up is amazing and shows that we are all a little bit of an artist.

Confidence is everything, but a little make-up can’t hurt.”     -Bobbi Brown 

And I have some news, I have currently been working on some videos for make up and beauty tips so stay tuned for the exciting collaborations coming up and explaining more in detail the “How To Do” of what I do.