Style = Self Expression.

It’s how you express your inner being, outwardly. Your thoughts, emotions, interests and values.

It’s a way of communicating that we aren’t normally aware/concious of. The messages we get across to other people has very little to do with the words that we use: our tone of voice, body position, eyes and movement make the words that you say truthfully true or falsely false.

This is why it’s so important to work on who you are on the inside just as much as you do on the outside. This is what true “style” is. Style has not only to do with fashion and clothes, but the attitude that comes with the person that “you are”.
Does it ever happen to you, that when you are sad or a little under the weather, you don’t put so much effort into how you dress or your hairstyle? Exactly, we all have times like that.

Happiness comes from self-esteem, and the better we become the more we like ourselves, affecting our confidence and creating an upward spiral towards limitless potential. The key is to work on improving yourself, more than trying to manage the situation around you. This will teach you who you are.