It was my birthday yesterday. I’m officially two decades old.

It feels strange to realise that I will never ever be a teenager again. I feel like I’ve learnt so much during these “teen” years, and that all of those foolish decisions that I made one time have created in some way the person that I am today.

I don’t believe in mistakes or regrets in life because every decision you always make is a good decision; no one ever decides to make a bad one, everyone bases their decisions and actions on the information that they have at that moment in life when you made the decision. So even if the decision proves later on not to be the best one, it was still the best decision when you made it.
How do I know this? Because if I hadn’t made the decisions that I made in the past, I wouldn’t have had learnt this important lesson.

It’s important to remember that not only you and me, but everyone around is going through problems and struggles everyday. Everyone has a story and lessons to learn and everyone has a story that you have yet to know about. My dad used to say: “the moment that you learn to put your feet in other people’s shoes, is the moment when you start to understand who they are and the way they are. They might not be your size or your shape, but, when your feet are on the other’s peoples shoes, you start to understand.”