When I was younger, I had this friend at school that started drawing high heels and then she would bring them to school to show us all. I kind of realised then that I felt left out, or not so smart. I couldn’t draw that well, or even have enough of a detailed picture in my mind to be able to put it on paper.

I didn’t realise till that moment that I hadn’t found a passion and motivation “in” myself to put it into creating something beautiful. So, I tried doing the same and designing shoes which in the end didn’t really work out. But then, after some time, I realised that I was very good at “reading” people by the way that they expressed themselves in clothes. I believe that in our lives, in general, we grow out of creativity, we spend all of our student lives just memorising things and putting them back on a piece of paper. We forget that every child has a special passion and talent for something and it’s important to never put them down. Piccaso once said: “all children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up”.

Passion and talent isn’t about finding it, it’s about creating it. If you haven’t seen that you have one yet, just keep going, do things, never stop exploring. It doesn’t matter what you do, in the end it will all work out to create the person you want to become and there is always a positive lesson in everything.